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Seven is a secret sparkling in your eye. ❤
One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four is a boy,
Five for freedom,
Six for the sky,
Seven is a secret,
Sparkling in your eye.
(freely adapted from a traditional children’s nursery rhyme)

Miga’s Secret is an illustrated an animated nursery rhyme, accessible through a set of seven concertina picture books and an interactive mobile application.

“One for Sorrow” (see below) is a traditional children’s nursery rhyme, which superstitious people used to recite when they spotted one or more magpies. When I came across this nursery rhyme I was fascinated by the idea that the number of magpies – this beautiful and clever black and white bird – could mean good or bad luck.

I started to make up short scenes to illustrate each number in the nursery rhyme and designed them as endlessly repeating cycles. Miga is the clever magpie who’s exploring those scenes. She’s helping to deliver a happy ending in the seventh scene and disproves the widely spread prejudice that magpies are greedily stealing precious things.

While looking for a suitable format to display this seven animated scenes, I came up with the concept for Miga’s Secret which smoothly combines analogue and digital media and gives users the power to repeat each loop as many time as they like.

Kids (3 to 7 years old) as well as their parents will be delighted to discover all the details in the illustrated picture books and find the hidden gemstones and ∞-symbols in each story. These symbols will help them to access animated and interactive content on their mobile devices. Ideally the details and side actions in the picture will stimulate interesting conversations between parent and child.

Miga’s Secret is a fascinating experience for the user and at the same time an interesting concept for publishers and storytellers who enjoy to make the best of printed and digital media in combination.

The intention of this blog is to document any inspiration and progress during the project. It’s a collection of sketches, ideas and other finds. To access the project website go to

Thanks to everybody who’s getting involved somehow:
Marco Klingmann, Taktil: App Development
Tim and Puma Mimi: Sound
Rhea Mandanis: Project Management + Numbers
Alessandra Manfredi: Promotion, Marketing

Financial Support:

Zurich Film Foundation
Kompost Film Productions



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