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Seven is a secret sparkling in your eye. ❤

FOUR IS A BOY / Animatic

The first Animatic is ready!

And I’m so happy the loop actually works very well. The cool thing about making an Animatic* is that as soon as you start messing around on the timeline, many ideas come up what else you could ad to the movie to make it look greater and more interesting.

The boy should move his head slightly, this will bring movement into the trees growing from his head. Birds (maybe four magpies?) will fly off from the wood on the boy’s head into the wood that’s around the boy… and therefore into the same wood they come from :-)) I want leaves to move in the wind, bushes, grass, and some acorns falling off the tree. And there will be a squirrel jumping around. And of course the cat sneaking between the tree trunks producing this amazing René Magritte effect. The owl’s chilling on his branch, but following every little movement with it’s eyes. And by the way: The mood is not green and white. In the wood it’s dark. That’s why you can only see the trees around the boy when he lifts the cover from the birdcage and the diamond starts shining.

*If you don’t know what an Animatic is, check it on Wikipedia to get a clue.

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