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The MAGPIE Picture Book

In this post I finally present the sketched out layout pages for the MAGPIE picture book.If you read this blog from back to top you’ve already had chance to spot the pages in the concept movie which explains how the MAGPIE picture book and the MAGPIE app will interact. If not, make sure you watch the movie.
Well, here are all the 16 illustrated double spreads sketched out and ready to illustrate. Of course there are already loads of ideas about what is going to happen in your app after the hidden symbols are scanned, but this won’t be revealed here on this blog.

pb_layouts_01pb_layouts_02 pb_layouts_03 pb_layouts_05pb_layouts_04pb_layouts_05 pb_layouts_06 pb_layouts_07 pb_layouts_08 pb_layouts_09 pb_layouts_10 pb_layouts_11 pb_layouts_12 The next two pates are a little bit special as they come with a “connect the dots” game. To find out what picture the dots will reveal you need to be patient for a while. :) pb_layouts_13a pb_layouts_14a pb_layouts_15 pb_layouts_16 pb_layouts_17 pb_layouts_18