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Seven is a secret sparkling in your eye. ❤
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FOUR IS A BOY / Styleframes

Finally I found the time to create some styleframes for the “Four is a Boy” scene which is taking place in a dark forest. The forest is mainly populated by animals but in the middle of the thicket sits a boy with a birdcage. The boy’s looking shy and lost in the huge forest, which is actually growing out of his head.

The two styleframes are corresponding to the two “Boy”-pages in the picture book. To see how the whole loop evolves, make sure you read the storyboard-post or watch the animatic for this scene.


Besides loads of different trees I created some more animal characters for this scene. There’s a cheeky squirrel, a beastly owl and a group of butterflies. The magpies, the cat and the hedgehog already had an appearance in the “Five for Freedom”-Styleframes.


“Your head is a living forest full of songbirds.”

E. E. Cummings, 1894-1962




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