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THREE IS A GIRL / Animatic

Finally, one more animatic ready to go. This one is more detailed as I plan to create a prototype or a short video to show how the whole book-app-animation-thing works.
As I was working with the sketches I created for the mock-ups of the loop-book, the look of this animatic is more elaborate than the previous ones.

What exactly is a loop-book?
It’s a leporello folded book which can be read in a loop. If you reach the end, you’re at the beginning again. Through the loop-book you can enjoy the magpie loops without any screen or device, totally analogue. But in combination with a specially designed app it will give you access to a bunch of mini-loops and to the seven main loops.


The “Three is a girl”-Loop-Book

What’s the point of the mini-loops?
The mini-loops help to understand the story and ad some extra challenge to the whole transmedia-thing. In each loop-book are some hidden symbols you need to find and scan with the specially designed app. Each scanned symbol gives you access to a mini-loop or little game. If you collected all the symbols in a story you will gain access to the main loop.

As I plan to create a prototype for one of the seven Magpie-stories, I created animatics for the three mini-loops of the “Three is a girl”-story. Here they are:

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